Walter Anderson

Walter Anderson

Implementation Engineer, I

My History
Before joining Digital Boardwalk in January 2018, I worked as a computer technician for over 12 years at a local copier company.

My Background
I’ve been working with technology since I was around 10 years old, but I have been working in the field professionally since 2010.

My Specialties
I specialize in Office 365, printing, scanning, and mobile devices.

My Accolades

  • Associate of Arts in Information Technology – Network and Telecommunications, University of West Florida, 2014
  • Cisco Networking Academy Graduate, 2010
  • Digital Boardwalk Golden Geek, 2016

My Hobbies
I have a German Shepard named Eva. I race cars and drones and do aerial drone photography. I’ve also recently started hiking.

My Favorites
My favorite movie is Black Panther.

My Guilty Pleasure
Pixar movies

My Perspective
I love working at Digital Boardwalk due to the variety of what I work on in my day to day.