Taylor Kipker

Taylor Kipker

Technical Account Manager

My History
Before joining Digital Boardwalk, I was a full-time student at Pensacola State College studying Cyber Security. I also worked at Pensacola NAS as a computer technician.

My Background
I have been working with technology since 2007, starting in high school.

My Specialties
My specialties are desktop management and configuration along with network monitoring and security. The Windows operating system is my top strength; however, I have grown in knowledge and ability in using Kali Linux and Security Onion.

My Hobbies
I married my high school sweet heart in 2015, and at the same time moved to Pensacola to allow her to pursue a job in law enforcement. I love learning everything I can about network security, with a focus on defensive security. Some of my hobbies are fishing, mountain biking, woodworking, playing/writing music, building computers, and playing video games.

My Favorites
My favorite movie is Evil Dead 2, and my favorite Book is a tie between John Dies at the End by David Wong and The Witcher: Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski.

My Guilty Pleasure
One of my guilty pleasures is wearing a custom-tailored suite any time I am studying or playing guitar/writing music. I also enjoy singing for my cat.

My Perspective
I love working at Digital Boardwalk because everyone here treats everybody with respect and kindness. They also have no problem helping people out with questions and input. I love that Digital Boardwalk is a place where I can test myself in the ability to help resolve problems that arise, and I really get to know the customers. I like to relieve their stress and resolve their problem the first-time.

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