Robert Sheriff

Robert Sheriff

Technical Account Manager

My History
Before joining Digital Boardwalk, I was in the petroleum industry as a last mile solutions provider between fuel refineries and local gas stations.

My Background
My first exposure to computers was the Apple IIe my dad bought me. I became fascinated with it, playing Oregon Trail for hours. I bought a PC from my neighbor in the early 90’s, and after discovering the Internet, my love affair blossomed. I unofficially became the IT guy for my friends and family and eventually decided to make it a career by going back to school to study IT. Shortly after, I began building my own computers and found that a hands-on approach was my preferred way of learning. I also dabbled in web design, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL creating interactive pages for hobbies and interests I had. With this experience I created a commission pay tracking web app for my employer at the time.

My Specialties
I have been heavily focused on IoT (Internet of Things) in recent years and have extensive experience with Microsoft Windows.

My Accolades

  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology
  • CompTIA A+

My Hobbies
I bought a Harley-Davidson a few years ago and ride it whenever the weather permits. I also dabble a bit in homebrewing ciders and meads.

My Favorites
My favorite quotable movies are Office Space and Pulp Fiction.

My Guilty Pleasure
My guilty pleasure is curling up on the couch with a glass of pink Moscato and my cat purring in my lap.

My Perspective
I love working at Digital Boardwalk because it’s a collaborative environment. Everyone helps each other to succeed, and everyone is focused on the common goals of giving excellent support to our customers and increasing the quality of daily business.

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