Michael Imlay

Michael Imlay

Implementation Engineer

My History
Before joining Digital Boardwalk, I was an IT manager for a local internet service provider and was responsible for managing the call center PBX system, on-site servers, workstations, printers, mobile devices, and more.

My Background
I’ve been involved with Technology since I was around 12 years old and had my first computer at 13. I really started increasing my knowledge by obtaining used/dead computers from various locations (thrift stores, yard sales, retired business systems, etc.) and repairing them/upgrading them. I really learned a lot by doing this. My first job in the technology field was in 2005 working customer service administration and technical support for major/government accounts at a pager company.

My Specialties
I’m well-versed in most technology but have quite a bit of experience with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, servers, and desktop support.

My Hobbies
I was born in the Midwest but have lived in the Pensacola, FL area my entire life. I currently live in Gulf Breeze with my wife and our 3 kids. On a typical weekend, we are in the pool, playing video games, or watching movies. In my spare time I am usually tinkering with various computer or server things.

My Favorites
My favorite movie is Jurassic Park. The technology in the movie has always amazed me and still does. The movie has aged very well all things considered.

My Guilty Pleasure
I'm a huge nostalgia person. I love retro music, movies, and technology. You'll often find me tinkering with my collection of retro computers that are 20-30 years old. I'm still trying to get my hands on an Intel 486 DX2 66 Mhz Desktop, but they are extremely rare and expensive these days.

My Perspective
I love working with so many different types of technology and network infrastructure at Digital Boardwalk. There is never a dull moment and it's always a learning experience. I love helping people and fixing technical issues. Digital Boardwalk also takes pride in their employees to make them feel as if we are a part of a family and not simply an employee. It's such a great group of people to work with daily, and the company has great leadership behind it.

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