Adam Dugger

Adam Dugger

Technical Account Manager

My History
I have been building my own computers since 1996 and providing various types of support to clients since 1998. I have worked in food service, retail, call centers, and higher education in support roles almost exclusively.

My Background
My first tablet was a Texas Instruments Speak & Spell. Not only did that help me to have a very good sense of spelling and pronunciation, but it was also my first exposure to QA testing in that there were two words in the default word bank that were not read correctly by the archaic voice processor: “echo” and “guess.” I have always been very hands-on with technology, and I love sharing my enthusiasm with others in that regard.

My Specialties
I am well-versed in Apple technologies, any graphical user interface, and root-cause analysis.

My Hobbies
I sing in various choral ensembles, spend time with my family, and contemplate future technology implementations.

My Favorites
Star Citizen and the 8-part harmony at fortissimo.

My Guilty Pleasure
Milk Duds, Whoppers, and Bit-o-Honeys.

My Perspective
I love working at Digital Boardwalk because it’s a collaborative environment. Everyone helps each other to succeed, and everyone is focused on the common goals of giving excellent support to our customers and increasing the quality of daily business.

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