Co-Managed I.T.

The convenience of on-staff support augmented by the expertise of our award-winning team


Your in-house team

One or more technicians on your staff provide hands-on, day-to-day support for the rest of your team. They also offer unique expertise for your line of business applications and other specialized needs.


Our team of experts

Digital Boardwalk’s large team of engineers provide the after-hours maintenance, network and server infrastructure support, escalation support, and any other areas of help your internal team needs.

You Have Options

Many business owners assume there are only two options for I.T. support: In-house staff or outsourced managed services. These are definitely the most common approaches, but you have a third option: Co-managed IT.

In a co-managed IT model, the technology support responsibilities are split between your on-staff personnel and an outsourced team. These responsibilities can be split however they best fit your organization’s needs.

Increase Efficiency and Lower Operating Costs

IT Support is rarely a one-person job. Given the large variety of technology systems in businesses today, and considering how important it is that those systems function without issue around the clock, it takes a diverse and specialized team to manage everything effectively.

By leveraging a co-managed IT model, you can take advantage of that specialization by allowing your inhouse team to focus on day-to-day operational support while our team helps with projects, major system upgrades, after-hours support, and more, all while reducing your overall costs.



Co-managed IT is not a model of your team and our team working separately on their respective responsibilities. Instead, the two teams work tightly together to achieve your organization’s goals.


The Power of A.I.

Our industry-leading management technologies, built using custom artificial intelligence, allow us to significantly reduce the mundane work for your team so they can focus on driving your organization forward.


Advanced Cybersecurity

Co-managed IT isn’t just about augmenting your team with more people. We also deliver new technologies, such as our best in class cybersecurity suite, to keep your organization safe and protected.


Unparalleled Management

We have some of the most powerful management tools in the industry that we are happy to share with your team. With access to these tools, your team can work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


CIO Advisory

With vast experience across practically every industry and organization size, our team provides the big picture planning, budgeting, and guidance you need to create a clear path for your technology.


Award-Winning Help Desk

Do you already have your I.T. leadership in place, but simply need help with the day to day? Our help desk has been recognized by dozens of industry awards and can support you at any technical level you need.

Help When You Need IT

Our team of experts is here and happy to help with any technology challenge you may encounter. Whether your in-house specialist is stumped by a particular problem or they called out sick and you need some temporary support, our help desk engineers have the expertise and availability to help you through any problem.

Increase Efficiency and Lower Operating Costs

It doesn’t make sense for you to pay a high salary to a specialized employee who helps you run your line of business applications, and then bog them down with disk cleanups, software updates, and all the other tedious little tasks it takes to keep a technology network running. Our team of engineers, along with our sophisticated automation capabilities, will take care of all the grunt work so your team can focus on driving the organization forward by doing what they do best.

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