Technical Support

Award-winning technology management and support plans for every need

Company Overview

Digital Boardwalk, Inc. is the IT department of choice for small- and medium-sized businesses in Florida because of our wide variety of Technical Support plans. For a plan that fits their needs and budget, we provide unmatched management and support for their computers, servers, and networks, either round-the-clock or on-demand.

Award-Winning Team

Digital Boardwalk has attracted some of the industry’s most-talented engineers from across the country and all facets of our industry. From experienced I.T. help desk engineers to highly-certified network engineers, our team and their collective passion for helping businesses with their technology is the reason we continue to be recognized as one of the top I.T. service providers in the world.


Preventative vs. Reactive

Would you rather outsource to an IT provider who profits from your technical issues, or partner with one that profits when your technology is running without issue? Digital Boardwalk is a true managed IT services provider, focusing entirely on both proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to keep your technology running efficiently around the cloud.

Operational Maturity

When you contact us with a technology challenge or need, you can rest-assured knowing we have likely solved that same challenge for another business in your industry. With a decade of experience working closely with clients in all major industries, we have been able to thoroughly develop and fine-tune our business processes to create a consistent customer experience.


Automated Standards

Our industry-leading and custom-developed remote management and automation platform enables us to manage and standardize nearly every aspect of your computer systems. Whether you would like to secure your systems from the latest cyber threats, or you want to make sure everyone has your specific business software installed on their computers, we will use our powerful platform to automatically maintain your standards and provide a consistent experience for your staff.

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