Cloud Computing for Businesses

Make the switch to the cloud and improve workforce mobility and collaboration with secure access to
your files and applications, while eliminating the hassle of maintaining a local server.

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Why Make the Switch?

Cloud servers are cost-effective and scalable, allowing for increased productivity, mobility, and faster disaster recovery of important corporate data. You’ll never have to worry about purchasing and maintaining servers in your office because all of our servers are stored in HIPAA-certified data centers.

Virtual servers hosted in the cloud will cut costs and downtime, allowing us to provide the best IT support for your business.


Ensure you and your employees have access to needed files and can take care of business from anywhere.


Stop storing important data on a single, vulnerable location—cloud storage provides more reliable backups.

Disaster Recovery

No need to worry about having physical access to your server in case conditions prohibit you from going into the office.

Digital Boardwalk always provides excellent service. They are so quick to respond and very patient working with us to resolve issues.
I have worked with several different people over the years, and everyone is fantastic. Great company, great people, great service!

Kim W., December 15, 2021

Cloud Computing Services

Without a doubt, this was a great experience. From the person I talked to on the phone, through the project coordinator, all the way to the tech on site. Would not go anywhere else. I cannot brag enough about everyone. Truly amazing service.

Michael M., February 8th, 2022

True Cloud vs. Colo

While both the cloud and colocation (“colo”) approaches leverage off-site data centers to host your servers and computing needs, colo services still leave you with the burden of investing in new equipment every few years and over-provisioning the equipment to meet your future needs. A true cloud solution eliminates these burdens with a simple, secure, and scalable platform that can grow with your business.

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Cloud & Compliance

Cybersecurity is not an option at Digital Boardwalk, it’s a standard practice. All our cloud solution offerings are vetted to meet the industry’s strictest security compliance requirements including NIST, FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, and more. On top of the security controls at the cloud data center, we also help your business with the additional security layers necessary to keep your information safe, secure, and compliant with your industry-specific security compliance responsibilities.

Public vs. Private Cloud

Digital Boardwalk offers both public and private cloud options to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re looking for the agility and affordability of a public cloud such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, or Amazon Web Services, or the privacy and power of a private cloud, our team of expert engineers will help design and implement the perfect cloud solution for you.

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The Digital Boardwalk Difference

Partnering with Digital Boardwalk provides a customer experience like no other. We set ourselves apart from other Managed Service Providers through our:

  • Award-winning team
  • Consistent & reliable processes
  • Transparent client communication
  • Custom system automation

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