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Company Overview

It’s true that cloud computing is a great way for small businesses to save costs while acquiring the latest productivity, storage, and communication technologies available in the market. But not all cloud services are created equal, Digital Boardwalk delivers fully-managed and truly scalable services backed by a team of engineers that will provide the comprehensive and prompt support that you need.

True Cloud vs. Colo

While both the cloud and colocation (“colo”) approaches leverage off-site data centers to host your servers and computing needs, colo services still leave you with the burden of investing in new equipment every few years and over-provisioning the equipment to meet your future needs. A true cloud solution eliminates these burdens with a simple, secure, and scalable platform that can grow with your business.


Cloud & Compliance

Cybersecurity is not an option at Digital Boardwalk, it’s a standard practice. All our cloud solution offerings are vetted to meet the industry’s strictest security compliance requirements including NIST, FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, and more. On top of the security controls at the cloud data center, we also help your business with the additional security layers necessary to keep your information safe, secure, and compliant with your industry-specific security compliance responsibilities.

Public vs. Private Cloud

Digital Boardwalk offers both public and private cloud options to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re looking for the agility and affordability of a public cloud such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, or Amazon Web Services, or the privacy and power of a private cloud, our team of expert engineers will help design and implement the perfect cloud solution for you.


Google Workspace

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