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At Digital Boardwalk, we are more than an I.T. support provider. We are your dedicated technology partner, empowering organizations across all industries by helping to solve each partner’s unique problems through unparalleled I.T. solutions and support.

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Many businesses are choosing to offer partial/hybrid or fully remote work options to their employees to provide flexible working conditions for their employees and increase efficiency. However, making the switch to remote work comes with its challenges.

Communication & Collaboration

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to communication, engagement, and file sharing/access when you leverage our technology stack.

Security & Accessibility

When you have employees working from home, does that compromise your security? We help keep your data protected.

Employee Efficiency & Accountability

Don’t worry about your employees’ accountability when they’re at home. Our I.T. solutions provide visibility into your employees’ productivity and projects.

Our I.T. services for businesses take all of these concerns into account and provide a technology solution for each. We will sit down with you to discuss your organization’s unique needs and concerns, examine your structure, and then implement technology that complements those needs so you can get up and running remotely as quickly as possible.

Stuck in an endless cycle of email threads, voicemails, and playing phone tag? Many businesses struggle with communication and organization, both internally and with customers, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Quickly Set Up Video Calls

No more emails back and forth to set up a meeting. Automatically pull in team members’ availability when you schedule a video call.

Automatic Calendar Syncing

Stop missing important appointments and video calls with an auto-synced Outlook calendar.

Flexible Phone Systems

Make or take calls from your office phone from your desktop computer or mobile phone on the go.

Instant Messaging

No need to send an entire email to your employees and clog up their inbox for quick, one-off questions—communicate more efficiently.

Accessible Files

Organize and make company files accessible to whichever team members need them, whenever and wherever they need them.

We will implement a technology stack suitable for your organization’s needs to improve both internal and external communication. Trusting Digital Boardwalk to keep your communication running smoothly will also free up your time and resources to focus on growing your business.

Every business, regardless of size or industry, is at risk of cyber attacks. Today’s hackers focus on businesses, both small and large, they feel they can exploit in order to receive a ransom payment. They will hold your company’s data or online processes ransom, halting operations entirely or threatening to delete or release your important data until a ransom is paid.

Layered Security

Antivirus is no longer enough to keep your business protected. We provide multiple layers of protection (email protection, password management, DNS security) that hackers must go through.

Keep Staff Educated & Vigilant

Unfortunately, your end users are often where attackers get in. We help train your staff on how to handle certain events, such as receiving a phishing email.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) means that even if your password is protected, an attacker would also need to access your phone or another device.

It’s imperative to protect your business and your data from cyber attacks as soon as possible.

For years, offices have housed bulky, loud servers in order to store and access data. However, did you know you don’t need those large servers anymore?

Cloud computing technology has progressed so much in the past few decades, and for most businesses, it makes sense to make the switch over to the cloud for a number of reasons.


Ensure you and your employees have access to needed files and can take care of business from anywhere.


Stop storing important data on a single, vulnerable location—cloud storage provides more reliable backups.

Disaster Recovery

No need to worry about having physical access to your server in case conditions prohibit you from going into the office.

As a Florida-based company that’s dealt with countless hurricanes and natural disasters over the years, we know firsthand how important it is for your business to be nimble and prepared in times of disaster.

We implement technology solutions to help you get your business back up and running following or during a disaster as quickly as possible. We provide the exact same backup and disaster recovery solutions to our clients that we rely on for our own business and operations in times of disaster, so you can trust that your data will be as safe as possible in our hands.

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Without a doubt, this was a great experience. From the person I talked to on the phone, through the project coordinator, all the way to the tech on site. Would not go anywhere else. I cannot brag enough about everyone. Truly amazing service.

Michael M., February 8th, 2022

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Digital Boardwalk always provides excellent service. They are so quick to respond and very patient working with us to resolve issues.
I have worked with several different people over the years, and everyone is fantastic. Great company, great people, great service!

Kim W., December 15, 2021

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