Risk-free Guarantee

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We don’t believe in asking for your trust in advance. We want to earn that trust.

Digital Boardwalk has come across many businesses that have been “burned” by their previous IT solutions provider. One bad experience is enough to cause any business owner to question future solution providers and their services.

Our company’s business model was designed to give the highest value to ethics and customer service. Even though IT services at its core is a customer service industry, these standards are unfortunately absent in many technology providers practicing today.

We understand that saying we’re different or have the best intentions isn’t enough to gain your trust. This is why we created Digital Boardwalk’s risk-free guarantee.


Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our services and phenomenal customer support that we offer a 6-month risk free trial of any of our contract services. If at any time during your first 6 months with us you don’t feel we are a fit for your business, we will cancel the agreement without penalty. We will also work with your business and your new solution provider to ensure a smooth transition.

Our Solutions

Digital Boardwalk is set to change the way businesses use technology — through unparalleled solutions and support

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How We're Different

Innovation makes us the #1 choice for IT solutions and support in the Sunshine State

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