Small Business

Explore how our services benefit small- and medium-sized businesses


No/Low Out of Pocket Fees

The secret to small business success is by doing more with less. Digital Boardwalk provides a wide range of services that help businesses adopt industry-leading technologies to outperform the competition while staying within their strict budget. With zero up-front fees to get started, you get Digital Boardwalk’s team of technology experts who will ensure your computers, servers, and networks are robust, secure, and optimized 24/7.


HVAC contractors must be mobile, agile, and offer quick turn-around time to prosper in a highly-competitive marketing.

For many, technology seems to obstruct these needs more than it helps fulfil them.

Digital Boardwalk helps by implementing results-driven technology solutions.

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Predictable Monthly Billing

We understand the ebb and flow of building a business and the need for predictable costs. Digital Boardwalk’s solutions and pricing models are designed to scale with your business so you’re never paying for more than what you need. Our predictable monthly billing allows you to focus on growing your business while we worry about your technology.

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