Not For Profit

Explore how our services benefit charities and nonprofits


Programs for 501(c)(3)

Did you know that Microsoft and other major technology providers have programs for nonprofits that give you to access technology for little or no cost? Not only will Digital Boardwalk help you through the entire application process, but we will also implement all the technology for you for little or no up-front cost. Whether your organization simply needs email and cloud file storage, or you need a robust server to run your membership system, we have affordable solutions to meet every need.

Fixed-Cost Solutions

We understand that funding from grants, donations, and other sources can be unpredictable from year to year. Digital Boardwalk’s solutions are offered at predictable, fixed-pricing models that allow you to easily forecast your year and focus on your cause. We also greatly appreciate the services and contributions you make to our local community; and in thanks, we like to give back by offering our services at a fraction of our normal rates.

Give us a call today and see how Digital Boardwalk can become your technology partner in achieving your mission.

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