Insurance & Financial

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Regulatory Compliance

CPAs, insurance brokers, investment advisers, and other financial firms work with personally identifiable information (PII) every day. Digital Boardwalk understands how important it is that this information be kept private and secure, both for the trust of your clients and the compliance with regulatory statutes such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI-DSS, and SEC.

Our 24/7 security monitoring and preventative maintenance solutions help you protect your clients’ information around the clock, whether it is stored on your computer systems or in the cloud. Our team of cybersecurity experts will also help you with your annual security audits and attestations, making compliance easier than ever.

Secure Information Sharing

Securely sharing documents and other private information doesn’t have to be difficult. Our array of technology solutions allows you to easily share files with your clients, carriers, and vendors all while keeping them encrypted and secure. Whether you want to securely email a client a few forms for electronic signature, or you want to provide a download link for a large portfolio, Digital Boardwalk’s solutions make the process quick and easy.