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Large File Sharing

With thousands of drawing files, schematics, and renderings that all need to be shared amongst your staff, engineers, and contractors, you need a comprehensive file sharing strategy that will grow with you. Digital Boardwalk is uniquely experienced in supporting A/E/C firms and has years of experience implementing proven solutions to the industry’s challenging file storage needs.


From terabytes of large drawing files and digital renderings to powerful CAD workstations, A/E/C firms depend on fast technology to keep design and development time competitive.

With so much pressure for fast technology, it is easy to overspend and lose focus on ROI.

Digital Boardwalk helps by implementing results-driven technology solutions.

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Certified CAD Workstations

A fast computer capable of running AutoCAD, Revit, and other design software efficiently doesn’t just make for a better user experience, it reduces design costs. Many firms make the mistake of custom-building workstations with components that were designed for video gaming. This often results wasteful spending and sub-par performance.

We have partnered with HP, Dell, and Lenovo to offer both desktop and mobile workstations that are officially certified by Autodesk and other major software manufacturers. Rest easy with Digital Boardwalk knowing your technology investment will have guaranteed results.

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