Executive Profiles

Get to know the leadership behind Digital Boardwalk


Tim Shoop

President & CEO

Tim Shoop is president and chief executive officer of Digital Boardwalk, one of the fastest growing I.T. service companies in the Florida Gulf Coast. Tim’s leadership, technology insight and operational expertise have strengthened Digital Boardwalk’s culture of innovation, expanded the company into new markets, and extended its service portfolio and national reach.

Tim’s I.T. foundation was forged from his love of technology as a child. His professional career in the I.T. industry began while serving in the U.S. Navy in 1992. Holding a revered Top Secret security clearance, Tim maintained telecommunications equipment infrastructure at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tim soon made his riskiest decision to date and moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dream of acting. Without a single point of contact in the area, Tim started, quite literally, from the ground up living in a tent on the beaches just north of Malibu. In an ironic turn of events, Tim landed a position at one of the fastest growing I.T. firms in the area.

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Upon arriving in Pensacola in 1998, Tim started New Vision Computers with nothing more than a credit card and an unparalleled ambition. After what could be considered borderline harassment of a few key contacts in the area, Tim was awarded with several large Government contracts that would ultimately launch New Vision Computers to the multi-location retail chain it became. All the while Tim’s addiction to entrepreneurial ventures kept him focused on the trends and future of the I.T. industry. In 2006 Tim began planning for a brand new I.T. company, one that would be worlds ahead of the already successful computer chain he had created.

After applying many years of I.T. industry experience, as well as nearly two years of strenuous development and testing, Tim launched Digital Boardwalk, Inc. in 2009. The company quickly rose to its success and has received several awards for outstanding customer service, superior response times, and philanthropic contributions. Following the instant success of Digital Boardwalk, Tim sold New Vision Computers in 2010 so he could devote his efforts entirely to the new business.

Tim married his rock, Kathleen Shoop, in 2004. He soon decided to start his family at the same time Digital Boardwalk began its successful rise. In 2010 Tim’s son Caleb was introduced to the world, followed by his daughter Victoria in 2012. Tim is also the proud parent of two dogs.

Over the years Tim has donated countless resources to many of the area’s non-profit organizations including Gulf Coast Kid’s House, ARC Gateway, Manna Food Pantries, and the Waterfront Mission. Tim is also heavily involved in the Pensacola community through volunteer work and Chamber events.

In his free time, Tim is at home with his wife and children who keep him very busy while away from work. On occasion Tim also enjoys playing a video game or two.


Brian Wilkey

Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President, Brian Wilkey oversees all Digital Boardwalk operating activities and business development initiatives. Brian’s ability to project change and design scalable business processes have enabled Digital Boardwalk to grow at an award-winning pace while holding true to the company’s core values of customer service, rapid response, and innovation.

Brian grew up an Air Force brat, moving many times across the country and even spending four years living in England and traveling Europe. Spending his entire childhood on the move taught Brian to adapt to change and even grow to love it. This would later set Brian up for a successful career in technology, but not before he first followed his childhood passion: architecture.

Throughout high school and college, Brian worked for the prestigious Straughn Trout Architects in Central Florida. Brian had the opportunity to work on some ground-breaking projects, including Florida’s first net-zero energy building. In 2008, Brian decided to finish his education at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. Unfortunately, the Great Recession in 2008 hit the architecture and engineering industries the hardest, with no new employment opportunities in sight.

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Following in the footsteps of his parents, both of whom obtained their MBAs, Brian switched his field of study to management information systems and sought out a career in technology. Armed with his natural knack for technology and business, Brian found employment with Tim Shoop as a computer technician and service manager at New Vision Computers.

At this time, Tim was in the very-first stages of developing a brand-new I.T. company based upon the Managed I.T. Services model. Eager to ride this wave of change, Brian approached Tim and asked for the opportunity to help him build the new company. After 18-months of long hours, rigorous research and development, and just enough income to keep the lights on, Tim and Brian launched Digital Boardwalk, Inc.

In 2014, Brian met the love of his life, Shannon, and they later married in 2018. Brian and Shannon look forward to starting a family in the near future. In his free time, Brian is an avid mountain biker. Brian also enjoys woodworking, electrical work, and any opportunity to work with his hands and build something.

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