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Whether you are a small business simply looking for a second opinion, or are a large enterprise seeking subject matter experts for a particular project, Digital Boardwalk’s team of experienced solution engineers, project managers, and implementation engineers are here to help. From simple technology refreshes to complex cloud migrations, we can provide a strategy, budget, and plan to make change efficient and painless.

Assessments & Planning


Technology Assessment

Every business needs to understand what technology they have before they can decide what solutions they need. We will assess all your existing technologies to determine what is still working well and what is no longer aligning with your business objectives. Eliminate wasteful spending with a strategic network assessment and technology roadmap from industry experts.


Lifecycle Planning

Technology manufacturers predetermine a lifespan for their hardware and software, often referred to as an “end-of-life.” After this time, the manufacturer no longer provides parts or support to maintain the solution. It’s important for businesses to consider these lifecycles in their technology planning to avoid unnecessary interruption and downtime.

We will evaluate your existing technology and determine where everything falls within its respective lifecycle. Then we will help develop a strategy for prioritizing end-of-life replacements while also considering budget constraints.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Although technology is changing every day, it’s not impossible to plan ahead and have a formal I.T. budget. We will assess all aspects of your technology from computer lifecycles to software subscriptions and help write a multi-year budget. Businesses with a proper I.T. budget can make quick purchase decisions and gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

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Solution Engineering


Network & Server Design

From complex server virtualization designs to basic small business networks, our team of experienced solution engineers can design a custom-fit technology solution to meet your specific needs and budget. We even have extensive experience with large/high density Wi-Fi deployments, hybrid cloud networks, and high-availability server environments. From the simple to the complex, our team of experts can help design the perfect solution.


Cloud Architecture

Are you interested in moving to the Cloud but aren’t sure where to begin? With all the Cloud technologies available today, its too easy to fall victim to wasteful spending by purchasing solutions with overlapping features or improper scaling. Our cloud solution engineers can determine which technologies best fit your business goals and help design an integrated solution from the industry’s top cloud technology vendors.


Equipment Procurement

Do you need to purchase some new computer equipment for your business? Retail stores only have technology intended for residential use, and your local break/fix computer stores will charge a 30% markup for the equipment plus the labor to set it up. We have a better approach.

With over 20 years of buying history with the same technology wholesalers that supply Amazon, CDW, and other major retailers, we can help you purchase just about any type of technology for your business quickly and easily. Our fully integrated quoting and procurement process means you get the best prices in the industry, fast shipping, and a hassle-free purchasing process.

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Migration Support


Seamless Cloud Migration

Migrations to new technologies like the Cloud don’t have to cause lots of interruption or require a high learning curve. Our tried and true cloud migration strategies allow us to synchronize information from your current systems to new and then “flip the switch” with virtually no interruption or downtime. Whether you want to migrate your email and other information to Office 365, or you would like to move your entire closet of noisy servers to the Cloud, we have the experience and strategy to make your migration simple and painless.


Office Relocation

Are you moving to a new office location and need help making sure the new space has everything you need from a technology perspective? We will work with your contractors and other involved parties to make sure you have all the necessary wiring, wireless coverage, location for your network equipment and servers, internet connectivity, phone services, and any other new technology you’d like to add in the new space. We will also help transport your critical technology from your old location to new so you don’t have to worry about any of it being damaged by movers.


Technology Refresh

Change is never easy, especially when you try to do it yourself or use someone without the appropriate experience. Our team of implementation engineers have over a decade of experience helping businesses migrate to new technologies. Our unique “white glove” approach to migrations means most of the work takes place behind the scenes and without interruption to you or your business. Once everything is pre-configured and tested, our engineers hold your hand through the entire installation process to make sure your migration is smooth, efficient, and painless.

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