The Digital Boardwalk Difference

A customer experience like no other

Our Team

At Digital Boardwalk, you won’t find the typical level-1 engineers who read down a basic diagnostic script and then escalate you to another team who can actually solve the problem. We have developed a culture that fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and growth. This means that the first engineer you speak with is the same one that will see your request through to resolution.


Our Process

In a world where technology changes every day, consistency is hard to come by. We have spent years developing comprehensive business processes for every aspect of our operations. From our first handshake to your most-recent service request, you will find a consistent experience that instills confidence and peace of mind.


Our Communication

We developed a proprietary communication platform we call our “Client Engagement Roadmap.” Rather than send you long technical emails explaining where we’re at with your request, our Client Engagement Roadmaps provide you with quick and simple visual status updates you can see at a glance. Throughout every process from sales to service, you will always be in the loop and up to date.


Our Automation

It takes countless little processes to manage all the technology for a business, especially when every business uses different technologies. Rather than staff administrative personnel and manage the potential for “human error,” we developed our own custom system automation for both our own internal administrative operations as well as the standardization of our clients’ technology. This creates a consistent experience as well as enables us to focus all our employment resources on highly-skilled technical engineers.


Our Innovation

Technology never stops evolving, and neither do we. Our dedicated business development team is committed to adopting and integrating the latest technologies, giving our clients a competitive edge with new solutions, and enhancing our customer experience in every way possible. We aren’t scared of change at Digital Boardwalk; we drive it.

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