GoDaddy security breach exposes 1.2 million WordPress users’ data — is your data secure?

GoDaddy security breach exposes 1.2 million WordPress users’ data — is your data secure?


With web hosting, you get what you pay for…

At Digital Boardwalk, we only host our client websites on a premium hosting service focused on delivering the highest security and optimal performance. However, not all hosting providers are created equal.

In a huge data breach, web hosting provider GoDaddy has admitted that nearly 1.2 million of its WordPress customers’ sensitive information has been compromised since September 6, 2021. WordPress is a content management system that powers over 42% of all websites.

GoDaddy offers WordPress managed services starting at $6.99 a month. Active and inactive customers using these services have had their original WordPress admin password, email addresses, customer numbers, sFTP and database credentials, and SSL private keys exposed.

GoDaddy stores passwords in plain text, with no encryption or other layers of protection, which allowed attackers direct access to the credentials without even needing to crack them.

As the company’s second breach in the past two years, this is not only a huge problem for site owners on the platform, but for their customers as well. GoDaddy also did not discover or inform customers of this issue for over two months.

Many business owners opt for these managed plans through GoDaddy because of the price tag—$6.99 a month sounds like a steal. However, many don’t realize until it’s too late that reliable web hosting is one area you can’t afford to cut back on because clearly, with web hosting, you get what you pay for…

Here at Digital Boardwalk, we are, at our core, a leading IT support and cybersecurity company. Our deep knowledge of cybersecurity best practices extends all the way to our WordPress management and website development services, and we communicate openly with our customers to let you know how we can improve your security. We will never leave our customers hanging for two whole months with their data exposed.

That is why we only host our sites with a provider we absolutely trust. Our hosting service protects our clients’ sites with sophisticated encryption on all data that follows industry best practices for both security and performance.

This recent issue with GoDaddy only further demonstrates why you shouldn’t just choose the cheapest web hosting package you can find, as you could not only be putting your site performance at risk but also your security and privacy. Partner with Digital Boardwalk today to schedule a free website assessment and find out if your website data is secure.

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