Criminals Posing as Treasury Department Officials

Criminals Posing as Treasury Department Officials


By Carol Bridges, Customer Engagement Manager

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect individuals and businesses worldwide, we must all be aware of those who might take advantage of the situation in order to exploit and victimize the public.

According to the U.S. Secret Service, there is an increase in stimulus fraud after the COVID-19 relief package was passed. Scammers are now using a variety of ways to steal personal information. Criminals are using spoofed email addresses to pose as U.S. Treasury officials and requesting personal identifying information in order to receive a stimulus payment. There are also reports of "bad actors" using robocalls and other messaging platforms, to collect sensitive information.

During these times of crisis, the U.S. Secret Service is stressing that for information pertaining to the stimulus program, one should contact the specific government agency by way of its website. Never provide any personal or protected information to someone in order to receive the stimulus. The government will never call, email or text and ask for personal information. The government already has this information. Never send money in exchange for the promise of money. One does not need to apply for the stimulus.

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