Who has Microsoft’s Back? We do!

Who has Microsoft’s Back? We do!


Today, users across the world rely on Microsoft Office 365 and its cloud-based services, be it Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, or SharePoint. While we all trust Microsoft and their products, there are no guarantees when it comes to the integrity of your data. This is why it is incredibly important, especially for O365 users, to have a third party, cloud backup.

Corruption or loss of data can easily happen. We read about it on a daily basis. The very word "Ransomware" can strike fear in the hearts of business owners and organizations of all sizes, or at least it should! Cyber threat actors are very scary and can bring a business to its knees.

Data loss can also happen in less sinister ways. What about your co-worker who deleted an important email, never to be seen again? Consider the rogue employee that is doing unscrupulous things and covering their tracks by deleting items, leaving no trail by which to seek retribution. These are careless and unscrupulous actions that result in frustration, lost clients, time and revenue.

Most people don't realize that while Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and SharePoint are in the cloud, they are not coupled with a true backup solution. While Office 365 has mechanisms in place for data retrieval, like a recycle bin, there is no place designated to truly protect your files. To top that, only 93 days of data can be retained until it is purged from Microsoft's servers.

Another benefit of O365 is file versioning. Per Wikipedia, a versioning file system is any computer file system which allows a computer file to exist in several versions at the same time. While it is a wonderful tool for collaboration and reference, there are limitations here as well. Microsoft only retains a limited number of versions. Additionally, there is no way to view previous versions of a file without overwriting the current file in place.

Thankfully, there is a solution for all these potential headaches. Digital Boardwalk’s Echo365™ Cloud Backup provides comprehensive protection of all your data in Office 365. If you find a file has been accidentally deleted over 93 days ago, it can be easily restored by making a request to our award-winning help desk team. If you were to rely on O365 alone, the file would be gone for good.

Echo365™ also ensures that files can never be overwritten, and unlimited versions can be kept for an unlimited amount of time. These days, cyber criminals are exploiting these weaknesses in platforms like Dropbox and Office 365 by overwriting files multiple times until all the previous versions are encrypted. This amps up the need for a backup of your Office 365 information, elsewhere.

Beyond peace of mind, unlimited storage and archival capabilities with an unlimited retention period are key elements of our Echo365™ backup. Emails and files can never be permanently deleted, and copies of deleted items will be saved in the event of someone doing something suspicious, regardless of the motivation or oversight. This also eliminates the need for a manual archive of email and files locally, ultimately enhancing the performance of your computers.

Best of all? Echo365™ is extremely affordable and the benefits pay out in dividends when it comes to peace of mind. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your business from data loss and disaster.

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