Digital Boardwalk opens new office in Phoenix, AZ

July 21, 2015—Gilbert, Az.—Digital Boardwalk is excited to announce the opening of their new Phoenix, Az area location. Digital Boardwalk provides 98% of its’ I.T. support through remote assistance, which means that clientele generated in Arizona will create new technical support jobs in its local office, as well as new help desk jobs at its headquarters in Pensacola, Fl. The new address can be found here:

Digital Boardwalk has a conveniently located office in downtown Pensacola, where the majority of services are managed by remote assistance. With client expansion into new regions, Digital Boardwalk is opening a doorway for various new job positions within the Pensacola office, helping with the local economy.

The Digital Boardwalk’s Mission is to “provide innovative technology products and services to small and medium businesses, small enterprise healthcare, and government, while focusing on insurmountable customer service and rapid response times by leveraging the latest remote management technologies”. Digital Boardwalk offers managed I.T. support, cloud computing, network security, backup and disaster recovery, and various other technical support offerings. With a varied client base in the healthcare, government, small business, non-profit, financial, legal, automotive, retail, and service fields, Digital Boardwalk can provide I.T. management solutions for every business.

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