Digital Boardwalk

Congratulations to our Small Business of the Year!

CEO of Digital Boardwalk Tim Shoop really cares about his employees, his clients and Pensacola. Officially incorporated in 2009, the company has doubled in revenue each year since its inception.

Digital Boardwalk was founded as a true managed services company, supplying enterprise technology solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Pensacola and along the Gulf Coast. Its primary vertical markets include health care, auto recycling and non-profit organizations. The company sets itself apart by structuring solutions in the cloud rather than relying on local data centers that are prone to regional disasters such as hurricanes.

Digital Boardwalk is a company with entrepreneurial spirit and heart, donating numerous services and resources to local non-profit organizations, such as the Gulf Coast Kid’s House, ARC Gateway and Waterfront Mission. Kudos to Tim Shoop for structuring a company that will help change the landscape and improve the local economy for years to come.

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