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Hosting & Updates

Having a dynamically changing website not only keeps your clients and prospects abreast of your latest company developments, but it also increases your ranking on internet search engines. Performing these updates is often time consuming and complicated, though. Never fear, we are here to help!

Website Hosting

Hosting your website couldn’t be easier. With our website hosting solution you receive full management of your web server. This includes database management, DNS maintenance, and backup support. Our shared hosting plan includes plenty of server storage, no bandwidth caps, and the databases and services required to run your entire website. Let us worry about keeping your website up and running so you can focus on what you do best!

Website Updates

A consistently updates website drives more web traffic to your brand and gives you a more dynamic presence on the internet. With our website updates solution, you receive updates to your website every month including text updates, picture uploads, event updates, and much more. The best part about our update plans is that they work similar to cell phone minutes. You purchase a base number of minutes (30 minutes – 1 hour) that you can use every month. With 90-day rollover and 25% overage allowances, you can use your minutes you need now, and save the remaining for later.

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