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Project Management

The scope of information technology in today’s businesses is no longer a few desktop computers. Advanced network infrastructures and software solutions have become the foundation upon which businesses operate. As a critical component to a business’s operations, I.T. implementations require a formalized and strategic approach to ensure a true return on investment.

Implementation Management

Technology installations and implementations can be overwhelming. Even outside of the grand scope of an I.T. implementation, the ongoing “geek speak” often leaves businesses and staff members lost and questioning who is responsible for what. Our highly experienced project managers can help decipher the technical jargon and ensure that your expectations and deadlines are met.

This project manager can:

  • Assess and interpret the current I.T. infrastructure
  • Maintain a consistent level of communication between all third parties and the business
  • Manage objectives and goals
  • Develop a reasonable and manageable implementation schedule
  • Plan resource requirements and allocation
  • Act as a liaison between all third parties and the business to translate needs and expectations
  • Manage milestones and deadlines
  • Control project execution
  • Manage conflict resolution

Our Experience

Our team has been privileged with many opportunities to help businesses with countless and varying technology implementations. Whether your business needs a new software application configured and installed, or you are upgrading your entire business network infrastructure, you can rest assured knowing that we have extensive experience with implementations of all shapes and sizes. This extensive experience has enabled us to develop a consistent and repeatable plan for successful hardware and software installations. Our clients are always happy to provide a testimony to their positive experiences with our team. This positive feedback and track record of successful implementations is a testament to our hard work, dedication, and experienced team of project managers and I.T. service engineers.

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