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Internet security & management

EnsureGateway™ Description
EnsureGateway™ Tech Specs

Introducing EnsureGateway, an industry-leading network security and management solution that protects your network, increases productivity and reduces the ever-increasing overhead of internet bandwidth.

Internet content and applications have become indispensable, mission-critical tools for nearly every organization. All too often, however, crucial information and services get lost in the overwhelming volume of irrelevant and recreational internet content. Introducing EnsureGateway™ by Digital Boardwalk.

What is EnsureGateway?

Unlike traditional blacklist/whitelist content filtering devices, EnsureGateway provides true visibility and control of your network and internet usage. EnsureGateway provides precise, fine-grained control over the infinite variety of internet content that enters your network, so the content you have is always the content you need. It intelligently prioritizes

and manages content and bandwidth so cloud-based applications and hosted services always run the way they are supposed to. Plus, EnsureGateway keeps your organization safe from dangerous content and constantly evolving internet threats. EnsureGateway is ready to offer your organization new levels of internet safety, performance, and control, so you can maximize the value and productivity of your internet connection.

Our Support

Rather have the experts manage your content filtering and network security for you? No problem! With SupportPlus™ for EnsureGateway, we will monitor, manage, and maintain your network security appliance 24×7. Let us manage your network and internet usage so you can focus on what you do best.



Max throughput

10 Mbps / 20 Mbps

SSL acceleration


Form factor


Content Filtering


HTTP content filtering

Safe Search Integration
URL Database Matching
URL Key Word Search
Dynamic Content Analysis
Filter Avoidance Database Match
Filter Avoidance Dynamic Content Analysis
Filter Avoidance DNS Lookup
Anonymous Proxy Guard (non Port 80 HTTP)

HTTPS/SSL content filtering

URL Database Matching
Certificate Verification
SSL Certificate Filter – no deny access page
SSL Certificate Filter – with deny access page
HTTPS Full Dynamic Content Filtering
HTTPS Filter Avoidance Dynamic Content Analysis

Application Control


General control

Application Blocking
Dynamic Application Bandwidth Control
Basic Application Signatures
Layer 7 Application Signatures
Detection of port hopping applications


Bandwidth Control

P2P block

Bandwidth Control


Bandwidth Control

Application Control

By User
By Group
By Website Category
By File & Mime Type

Malware Threat Protection

Class ID
MD5 Sum
Client PC Remediation
HTTPS Spyware Detection

Real-Time Monitoring


Bandwidth & applications

Total Internet Traffic
Application Traffic

Web browsing

By Encryption Type

Analytics & Reporting



By Application Set
By User
By Group
By Time of Day
By Device
By Report Zone

Web usage

By URL Category
By Host Name
By User
By Group
By Hit Count
By Volume
By Time of Day


Delegated Administration
Centralized Management and Reporting*
Remote Database Access

*Optional with central management appliance


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