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Spam email & virus filtering

EnsureMail™ Description
EnsureMail™ Tech Specs

Introducing EnsureMail, an award-winning anti-spam services hottest entirely in the cloud; no hardware or software required. Get the email you want. Save time and money by blocking the spam, viruses, and junk mail you don’t.

Is your email box clogged with hundreds, or even thousands of spam emails? How long does it take you to remove those emails? What about the increased burden on your internet service just to retrieve all of those unwanted emails? Introducing EnsureMail™ by Digital Boardwalk.

What is EnsureMail?

Unlike traditional hardware-based spam filtering appliances, EnsureMail is hosted entirely in the cloud; no hardware or software required. By blocking spam and virus emails before they even get sent to your network, your internet bandwidth and email server are relieved of the burden of junk email traffic which considerably improves network performance. EnsureMail does not just block spam and junk email though; it also blocks the malicious and increasingly common email-

based viruses. Concerted that legitimate email may get caught by the spam filters? Don’t be! Daily held-mail reports are automatically emailed to you so you can see all of the email messages that were blocked. A single click allows you to easily resend legitimate emails and whitelist them for the future. Easy. Effective. Affordable. Try EnsureMail today and experience email without spam.

Our Support

Would you like someone else to empty those spam queues for you? No problem! With SupportPlus™ for EnsureMail, we will handle all of your spam filtering needs. Let us take care of your spam filtering so you can focus on what you do best.



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