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Traditional I.T. Support Description
Traditional I.T. Support Tech Specs

Are you more comfortable with a traditional “call us when you need us” I.T. support model? Looking for a professional, reliable and responsive I.T. service provider? Look no further than Digital Boardwalk!

Not every business needs to have a comprehensive managed I.T. services solution with 24×7 monitoring and unlimited support, we recognize this. For those businesses looking for a more traditional I.T. support model from a professional I.T. services provider, we have just what you need!

How are we different?

Over the years of developing and integrating some of the industry’s most advanced remote support technologies, we found that these tools could also be very beneficial to our “un-managed” clients. By leveraging our comprehensive service management platform and remote support capabilities, we are able to deliver 98% of our I.T. support entirely remotely. Without the cost of travel time and employee travel reimbursement, we were able

to effectively reduce the average cost for a service request by 50%. By only billing our remote support in 15-minute increments without the typical 1-hour minimums, quick repairs cost a fraction of what most I.T. service companies charge.

Our Support

Digital Boardwalk boasts some of the fastest response times and customer satisfaction in the I.T. service industry. After several years of development and testing, we launched an innovative support platform with multiple integrated I.T. support solutions giving us advanced remote support capabilities and yielding unheard of response and resolution times.



Agreement Required




Remote Support

Billable in 15-minute increments

Onsite Support

Billable in 15-minute increments, 1-hour minimum

Customer Portal


Service ticket generation & tracking


Project management & tracking




Electronic invoicing & archive




Asset management

Not-included (requires managed I.T. services)

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