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On-demand professional I.T. services

SupportEssential™ Description
SupportEssential™ Tech Specs

Introducing SupportEssential™, a flexible and creative approach to I.T. services. Choose a simple monthly plan, pre-pay for a set amount of service hours, and experience world-class I.T. support from your favorite I.T. department.

Technical issues with your business network and computer systems can be frustrating as well as detrimental to your productivity and profitability. If your business is in need of a dependable and knowledgeable I.T. support team that has the ability to rapidly respond to I.T. service requests, look no further than Digital Boardwalk and the SupportEssential™ solution.

What is SupportEssential?

SupportEssential is a pre-paid professional I.T. service solution (aka: block time) that enables you to easily budget your I.T. support expenses. Unlike traditional pre-paid service solutions, SupportEssential was built from the ground up on a monthly I.T. service model. Rather than purchasing large blocks of service hours and using them until you run out, SupportEssential offers smaller blocks of service hours available to you each month at an affordable, flat monthly fee. Utilization can

even be tracked through an intuitive customer portal. Finally, we understand that your I.T. service needs will fluctuate from month to month, so we included 90-day rollover and overage allowance features in every SupportEssential plan.

Our Support

Digital Boardwalk boasts some of the fastest response times and customer satisfaction in the I.T. service industry. After several years of development and testing, we launched an innovative support platform with multiple integrated I.T. support solutions giving us advanced remote support capabilities and yielding unheard of response and resolution times.



Agreement Required

Yes, 6-month risk free guarantee



Remote Support


Onsite Support


Customer Portal


Service ticket generation & tracking


Project management & tracking




Electronic invoicing & archive




Asset management


Special Features



Rollover unused service hours up to 90-days

Overage Allowance

Borrow up to 25% of the following month’s available service hours for use in the current month

Allotment options

1 hour/month
2 hours/month
5 hours/month
10 hours/month
15 hours/month
20 hours/month

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