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Vendor Management

We speak geek with your vendors so you don’t have to

Vendor Management Description
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Don’t waste your time on hold with your software vendor only to hear technical gibberish from a technician you can barely understand.

By the time you have to call your software vendor seeking I.T. support you’re already frustrated. Add long hold times and technical jargon to that and you’d almost rather work around the issue than sit on the phone for hours. Your time would be better spent doing what you do best. Introducing Vendor Management by Digital Boardwalk.

What is Vendor Management?

We like to think of Vendor Management as a stress reliever for our clients. Our I.T. service engineers not only understand geek talk, but we can also speak to other technicians efficiently and effectively. This results in much faster resolution times to your critical issues. We also frequently work with many of the industry leaders as well as a majority of the local vendors, so we know the most efficient way to get an I.T. support request addressed and resolved. The best part is Vendor Management is available at an affordable, flat monthly fee.


The second piece of the puzzle is management. If you have worked with software vendors, or many other solution providers, you’ll know that not all of them are the best at following up. We utilize our advanced managed I.T. service platform to track the service request from beginning to end. Our engineers receive automated tasks to follow-up with the vendor if they don’t respond or update us promptly. Now you can finally have one source for all of your I.T. support needs. Let us worry about interpreting the “geek speak” so you can do what you do best.



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