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3rd Party App Support

One partner, one help desk, one all-inclusive solution

3rd Party App Support Description
3rd Party App Support Tech Specs

Wish you could get the same great support from your software vendors as you do from Digital Boardwalk? Now you can!

Sorting out technical issues with your software applications can be frustrating, especially if your software vendor is difficult to work with or would rather instruct you how to fix the application yourself. Don’t you wish you could just call your one trusted I.T. service provider and have them take care of your I.T. help needs for you? Look no further than Digital Boardwalk.

What is Third Party Application Support?

Our Third Party Application Support solution is an all-inclusive I.T. service solution just for your mission critical applications. Our expert I.T. service engineers have a diverse skillset and extensive experience with multiple application platforms such as EHR/EMR, ERP/MRP, CRM, etc. All you have to do is give us a call or submit a trouble ticket and our help desk engineers will respond with the same great service you’ve come to love from our other I.T. solutions. Rather than waste your valuable time on the phone with your software vendor, our help desk engineers will collaborate with your software vendor and perform the

necessary repairs and configuration. Our advanced I.T. service platform enables us to rapidly respond to and resolve your third party application support needs, often even faster than your software vendor can. The best part is you get all these great I.T. services for one affordable, flat monthly fee.

Vendor Management

At Digital Boardwalk we’re all about value. So to make our Third Party Application Support solution even more valuable, we threw in our Vendor Management service. We utilize our advanced managed I.T. service platform to track the service request with the software vendor from beginning to end. Our engineers receive automated tasks to follow-up with the vendor if they don’t respond or update us promptly. Now you can finally have one source for all of your I.T. support needs. Let us worry about interpreting the “geek speak” and supporting your mission critical applications so you can do what you do best.



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