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Email & Collaboration

Cloud-based Secure Exchange Email (BuzzSync)

The Microsoft Exchange email platform has become an industry standard for email communications. Up until now, however, the platform was too expensive for small and medium businesses. Now with the power of the cloud, business can implement Exchange for a fraction of the cost.

Cloud-based Secure Email (BuzzMail)

Do you need a simple email solution for your business that is secure, reliable, and affordable? Our cloud-based email solution offers all the traditional features of a professional email server and also includes advanced features like synchronization, Outlook Web Access, spam filtering, and more.

Cloud-based Collaborative Workspace (BuzzCloud)

Businesses with multiple departments or locations often struggle with the collaboration and sharing of information. Our cloud-based collaborative workspaces enable your staff to communicate, collectively contribute, and share files effortlessly on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.

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