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Cloud-based secure file server

BuzzServ™ Description
BuzzServ™ Tech Specs

Introducing BuzzServ, a highly secure, fast, and reliable file server hosted in the cloud for your convenient access anywhere, anytime. It’s document storage, reinvented.

Businesses need a central storage solution that enables all of their employees to have quick access to company files, media, and documents. Storing this information in-house can be expensive with hardware, support, and maintenance costs. Why not leverage the benefits of the cloud? Introducing BuzzServ™ by Digital Boardwalk.

What is BuzzServ?

BuzzServ is a highly secure cloud file server solution designed specifically for small businesses. Other cloud storage solutions are either extremely expensive or require the use of web browsers to upload and download your documents. With BuzzServ, we made file storage easy. We created an innovative software plugin that enables you to use the “mapped network drive” that you and your staff have become so familiar with. Unlike a

traditional in-house file server, however, your files are stored securely in the cloud enabling you to access them anywhere, anytime. Sharing your files with others is even easier too. Simply email a link to your contact and they can download and view a secured version of the file, all without having to actually email the large attachment.

Our Support

Need some assistance organizing your files online? How about building more efficient workflow procedures for collaboration and file sharing? No problem! We’re here to help. With SupportPlus™ for BuzzServ, we will assist you in getting the most from BuzzServ.




10 / 15 / 25+


1TB / 2TB / 3TB

Maximum file size

2.5GB / 5GB / 10GB

Desktop sync


FTP support


Outlook integration


Server sync


Audit reports


Custom branding


Salesforce.com integration


Advanced authentication


Active Directory and LDAP support



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