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Managed on-premise backups

EchoSite™ Description
EchoSite™ Tech Specs

Introducing EchoSite, an affordable in-house backup solution designed specifically for small business networks and a small business budget. Better yet, it is monitored and maintained 24×7 by your favorite I.T. department.

In today’s business world, the need for a reliable backup solution is evident. What if your business doesn’t need the advanced offsite redundancy and disaster recovery features though? Maybe your business is simply looking for something that is professional, reliable, and fits a tight budget. Introducing EchoSite™ by Digital Boardwalk.

What is EchoSite?

Rather than spend thousands on backup servers, annual licenses, and monthly offsite storage fees, EchoSite takes a much simpler approach to backups. With a combination of a reliable external hard drive and powerful managed backup software, EchoSite provides an affordable, powerful, and scalabale backup solution for your small business. Hard drives

are available in multiple sizes depending upon your storage needs, and can even be added in the future as your business grows. The powerful business-class software allows for highly customizable backups that include all of your documents, pictures, videos, databases, email, and more. Finally, with automated alerting, we can proactively ensure your backups are always working.

Our Support

Don’t want to worry about making sure your backups are working? No problem! With SupportPlus for EchoSite, we will monitor, management, and maintain your backups 24×7. If a backup fails, or you need a file restored, we are available to help! Let us make sure you backups are working so you can focus on what you do best.




1TB / 2TB / 3TB


256-bit AES encryption

Database Backups

Microsoft Exchange 2003
Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft SQL 2000-2012

Operating System

Windows Server 2003-2011
Windows XP-Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit)


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