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Managed colocation backups

EchoClone™ Description
EchoClone™ Tech Specs

Introducing EchoClone, a complete backup and disaster recovery solution delivered at a small business budget. High-performance backups, rapid restores, and secure offsite storage, all managed by your favorite I.T. department.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before implementing a backup and disaster recovery solution. Already have a backup solution? Are you 100% sure it is actually backing up ALL of your data without error? Introducing EchoClone™ by Digital Boardwalk.

What is EchoClone?

Very few backup solutions on the market offer the robust and versatile backup technology along with secure offsite storage at a price the small business can afford. EchoClone does just that. By utilizing a dedicated backup server, the heavy burden of transferring and compressing large amounts of data is removed from you mission-critical servers. EchoClone

also utilizes an advanced inline block-level data duplication method reducing traditional backup storage requirements by up to 50 times! This means that you can back up and send offsite even more data at a considerably lower cost than other traditional “off-the-shelf” backup solutions. EchoClone also allows you to stay informed as little or as much as you want with customer reports and notifications for backup success, failure, utilization, and more.

Our Support

Of course, EchoClone would not be a solution without enterprise-class support behind it. With SupportPlus™ for EchoClone, we will monitor and maintain your backups 24×7. Need a file restored? No problem! We will respond to any backup or restore request as much as you need, all for one low monthly fee.




250GB – 24TB of internal storage
200GB+ offsite storage


256-bit AES encryption


Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL
Windows Hyper-V
Mac OS X

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