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Business continuity and disaster recovery

EchoLive™ Description
EchoLive™ Tech Specs

Introducing EchoLive, a highly advanced, real-time business continuity solution designed specifically for the small business budget. Better yet, it is monitored and maintained 24×7 by your favorite I.T. department.

Events such as server outages, hardware failure, or even natural disaster will bring your business productivity to its knees. Every minute your network infrastructure is down results in hundreds and even thousands of dollars of direct or indirect revenue loss. Introducing EchoLive™ by Digital Boardwalk.

What is EchoLive?

EchoLive is a revolutionary business continuity and disaster recovery solution designed to reduce downtime in the event of disaster to minutes. Unlike traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions that back up mission critical servers and desktops on a daily schedule, EchoLive continuously mirrors all of your data and applications by taking 15-minute

incremental snapshots of your servers and desktops. For an additional layer of redundancy, archives of these snapshots are sent offsite to a secure data center in the cloud using 256-bit AES encryption. The innovative component of EchoLive is the methods by which data can be restored. Files, folders, and even individual emails can be restored in a matter of minutes from any of the incremental snapshots. Better yet, entire snapshots can be converted into fully-operational virtual machines within a matter of minutes!

Our Support

Don’t want to worry about making sure your backups are working? No problem! With SupportPlus™ for EchoLive, we will monitor and manage your backups 24×7 so you can focus on what you do best.




250GB – 10TB of internal storage
100GB+ offsite storage


256-bit AES encryption


SAS 70 Type-II


5-minute incremental

Failover to Colocation


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