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Backup & Disaster Recovery

On-premise Backups (EchoSite)

Does your small business need a simple and reliable backup solution without having to spend thousands on hardware and software licensing? Our fully-managed on-premise backup solution was designed for small business needs and small business budgets.

Cloud Backups

A key element of disaster recovery is having a redundant and accessibly copy of your backups stored offsite. Until recently, taking backup tapes offsite was the most common method. We leveraged the power of the cloud to seamlessly store backups in highly secure cloud-based datacenters.

Business Continuity (EchoLive)

For businesses that cannot afford a minute of downtime, and need to restore files or failover to a backup instantly, a professional business continuity solution is vital. Our solution enables your business to be back up and running literally minutes after a server crash or a disaster event.

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