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Digital Boardwalk

Welcome to Digital Boardwalk, your company’s new I.T. Department.

We are glad you are considering Digital Boardwalk for your I.T. needs. We have partnered with the most well-known and reliable names in information technology such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell and AppRiver to provide you with the best, most applicable services possible.

Have you had this conversation with your current I.T. department?

“Hi, my computer won’t connect to the Internet. I think maybe I have a virus.”

“You may have a DNS error. Are you connecting to an HTTP or HTTPS server? Actually, have you tried checking your RJ-45 connection? ”

“No. What’s that?”

“Oh, that’s a connector. Check it out on Google and give me a call back if it still doesn’t work.”

No more! When you work with Digital Boardwalk for your I.T. services including: remote network administration, managed I.T. support, cloud computing, backup and disaster recovery, network security and website development, you’re getting a professional, reliable and affordable team – 24/7.

This is where other companies would inundate you with a bunch of technical jargon, hoping to make themselves sound knowledgeable. We believe that if we can’t explain something to you in terms the average person can understand, we don’t understand it well enough ourselves. We also know our small business clients don’t need the same suite of services as our enterprise clients.

Our local, certified engineers know computer networks and security. In addition to our local support team we also have a remote network operations center (NOC) with more than 600 certified engineers. We can explain things in a way you can understand, using terms that make sense and scenarios you encounter on a day-to-day basis.

While you’re here, look around; check out our solutions and see what we can do for you. When you’re ready for a prompt, polite and prepared I.T. team to join your company, call us. We know we can meet and exceed your expectations. In fact, we’re so confident you will love working with us, you can try us out for free with one of our introductory offers.

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