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Vendor Management

Maintaining a high level of communication during an electronic medical records implementation can be increasingly difficult when multiple third-party vendors are involved.  When you have an EHR vendor, a practice management (PPMS) vendor, a medical billing vendor, multiple hospitals, and labs all requesting information from each other, miscommunication and delays in the implementation schedule are inevitable.  Why not let an experienced health care I.T. service provider help manage the collaborative effort for you?


To truly manage the third-party vendors during the electronic medical records implementation process, we leverage our powerful I.T. service management system and heavily-integrated communication tools to stay current with the ever-changing needs of the vendors and practice.  Our qualified and experienced I.T. service engineers and project managers can also help translate the “geek speak” between vendors so all information and needs are properly communicated.

Some benefits of our vendor management services include:

  • Improved communications between third-parties
  • A single reliable source of information exchange
  • Experienced health care I.T. service provider managing technical needs
  • Local I.T. service engineers for assessment and installation
  • We can speak and translate the technical jargon
  • Advanced project management platform for recording and tracking progress

Our Experience

Our team has been privileged with many opportunities to help health care practices and facilities with the strenuous EHR implementation process.  This extensive experience has enabled us to develop a consistent and repeatable plan for successful electronic medical records implementations.  Our clients are always happy to provide a testimony to their positive experiences with our team.  This positive feedback and track record of successful EHR implementations is a testament to our hard work, dedication, and experienced team of project managers and I.T. service engineers.

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