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Managed I.T.

Over the years technology has changed drastically. Now more than ever this fast-paced industry is rapidly evolving to meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses. The irony, though, is a large majority of I.T. service companies have failed to evolve themselves.

The Traditional Model

Up until a few years ago most I.T. service companies operated under a traditional “reactive” service model. This is the all too familiar method for requesting I.T. support where you call your computer support technician, report a technical issue, wait for them to drive to your business office, then wait even longer for the technician to repair the problem. This model for computer and network support is unpredictable, very costly, results in large amounts of unnecessary downtime, and is ultimately outdated. Isn’t there a better way?

How We Are Different

Managed I.T. Services

We recognized the many flaws and shortcomings with traditional I.T. support models and designed our business from the ground up with a revolutionary new approach, Managed I.T. Strategically paralleled to our clients’ business models, the Managed I.T. Services model focuses on proactively supporting your business I.T. infrastructure through the use of today’s latest remote monitoring, support and management technologies. Click here to learn more.


  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • 98% support provided remotely
  • Complete asset management
  • Respond in minutes, not hours
  • Daily preventative maintenance
  • Large cost savings
  • Pay to ¬prevent issues, not repair them
  • …and many more

Not Just Proactive, But Preventative

Detecting potential issues through 24x7x365 monitoring is an excellent tool that is used to avoid unnecessary downtime of your computer network; but it is not the complete solution. We added in early-detection alerts as well as daily preventative maintenance tasks to prevent potential issues and ensure your business network investment is reliable and efficient around the clock.

A Complete and Fully-Integrated Service Platform

By utilizing the power of technology hosted in the cloud, and leveraging the benefits of task automation, we can focus all of our internal resources on the most important tasks, support, and customer service.

  • Local U.S. based help desk
  • Network Operations Center, 600 engineers strong
  • Fully-managed solutions
  • No free tools
  • Intuitive customer portal
  • Predictable cost solutions

Affordable and Scalable Solutions

Every business is different. Even with today’s scalable technologies, some I.T. solutions simply don’t fit the needs of every business. It is also a simple fact that it is more affordable to provide a solution rather than tread the individual symptoms. We not only recognized these concepts, but we embraced them as we developed all of our solution offerings.

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