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We recognized the many flaws and shortcomings with traditional I.T. support models and designed our business from the ground up with a revolutionary new approach, Managed I.T. Strategically paralleled to our clients’ business models, the Managed I.T. Services model focuses on proactively supporting your business I.T. infrastructure through the use of today’s latest remote monitoring, support and management technologies. Click here to learn more.

Our Managed I.T. vs. Their Managed I.T.

Even in the revolutionary support model of Managed I.T. Services, there are differentiating factors that set apart the true Managed I.T. companies from the others.

No Free Tools: Our company built its foundation on ad-free, ever-evolving, paid-for applications that give us insurmountable support and management capabilities that grow with the fast-paced technology industry.

Local Help Desk: Unlike many other Managed I.T. Services companies, we staff our own help desk with local service engineers. Our clients get to know our help desk engineers as if they were a member of the client’s staff.

Network Operations Center: Our local service engineers work in tandem with our Network Operations Center to ensure the most rapid response possible in our industry. Our NOC is comprised of 600 certified network and systems engineers who work with us 24x7x365 to monitor, support and maintain our clients’ networks.

Complete RMM: We implemented an industry-leading remote monitoring and management platform to manage our clients’ servers, desktops and network devices. Unlike most monitoring solutions, however, our platform enables us to provide daily preventative maintenance, white-listed patch management, and many other features absent from alternative solutions.

Complete PSA: At the center of our service management platform is our Professional Services Automation system. This comprehensive service management platform enables us to centrally manage every aspect of our business. In-turn, this allows us to focus nearly all of our internal resources to supporting our clients rather than internal operations.

Traditional Time & Materials (T&M) I.T. Support

Most I.T service providers still operate on a traditional time and materials support model. Although this service model may appear to be the cheapest, it is in fact one of the most expensive I.T. support models for several reasons.

Reactive: Services are typically provided onsite and are requested “reactively” after an issue has arisen. Often the I.T. service provider will bill for their travel time in addition to their time onsite to repair the reported issues. Typically the time will be billed at a flat rate with a 1-hour minimum for the onsite visit.

Unpredictable Cost: Since I.T. issues are sporadic and unpredictable by nature, so is the inherent cost to repair them. Typically the I.T. service provider does not budget or pre-determine a cost for repairs resulting in large unexpected repair bills. This unpredictability places a huge burden on many businesses as they attempt to budget for I.T. expenditures.

No Solutions: Given that the I.T. consultant is typically responding to individual issues, the consultant is only able to treat or repair the symptoms rather than providing cost-saving solutions.

No Contract: Without a proper business agreement, or some form of contractual obligation to uphold response times or warrant services provided, the I.T. consultant is often slow to respond or unavailable when they are needed most.

No Tickets: The ability to track service history and access reports for service trends is extremely important for I.T. service providers. Unfortunately, most traditional I.T. consultants do not have such systems in place. Without a proper service management system little evidence is available to show what services have been provided. Not only does this increase the average time to resolution, but it also makes annual budgeting much more difficult.

Hardware Only (Set it and forget it)

Another common approach to I.T. support that consultants take is the “hardware only” model. In this model the I.T. consultant will install new hardware and software to address particular issues the business may have.

No Maintenance: A simple fact of technology is that it does not support itself. Computers, servers, and other network equipment require routine maintenance and updates to ensure they are properly secured and consistently reliable.

Inverse Business Model: In this business model, the I.T. service provider profits from large markups on computer and server hardware, installation, and any reactive support services the business may need after the initial installation. In this model, the more downtime and reactive support the business needs, the more money the I.T. consultant makes.

Fix By Replacement: Rather than propose solutions to support and maintain the businesses existing investments, the service provider will propose replacing the problematic equipment entirely. Not only is this very costly, but it also does not address the root cause of most issues – no routine maintenance or management.

No Flexibility: Hardware-only solutions are often quite costly and may not fit the specific needs and budget of small businesses. This model also leads to premature replacement of business assets and consequently a higher overall cost for the I.T. infrastructure.

No Continuous Support: Without continuous monitoring and management of the computers, servers, and other network equipment, downtime and costly technical issues are inevitable.

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